Costs, isolation, comfort… Why choose coworking?

Coworking is appealing to more and more freelancers who prefer to work in a shared space rather than in their own.

Shared workspaces have become popular due to the digital revolution and the reorganization of work. Luxembourg’s popularity as a destination for office professionals has continued to grow.

However, the success of coworking is not limited to large urban centers. More and more medium-sized cities are creating coworking spaces. So in terms of cost, isolation, comfort… in this article you will discover why choose coworking?

Interact with others again

Many independent contractors, telecommuters and small business owners work from home. While this type of employment can be beneficial in some cases, it can also lead to isolation and a lack of direct communication with other professionals in the same industry.

The growth of a business can be hindered by its isolation. Independent professionals who want to maintain or expand their professional network have a real alternative in coworking.

Indeed, coworking facilities bring together a diverse range of freelancers… a diversity that is often admired and can lead to beneficial collaborations, found all over the world.

Instead of working in isolation, the coworker is able to maintain his sense of autonomy while benefiting from a social link. They can also take advantage of the opportunity to expand their client base by making new connections and exchanging ideas with other industry experts.

A place to work where you can feel comfortable

Renting an office in a coworking space is a great, cost-effective way to work in a fun environment. In addition to the benefits of shared infrastructure and resources, coworkers enjoy access to printers, copiers, scanners, internet and Wi-Fi.

Self-employed workspaces, such as those opening in Luxembourg, generally meet their needs and expectations. In general, the facilities are state-of-the-art and well-furnished.

The rapidly changing world of work tends to meet the needs of telecommuting employees by providing pleasant working conditions. Employees can rent a room in the community spaces (such as the snack bar and break area) to host potential clients.

This is a great approach to showcase your personal and company brand without the responsibility of renting a space under your own name… There are many freelancers who find a way to combine their professional and personal lives using this method of organizing work.

Take a closer look at your costs

Renting your own office space is a substantial investment that is often difficult to accept when starting a business for yourself or as a young entrepreneur.

It is a viable solution for many freelancers who want to move their business headquarters out of their private residence. It is possible to rent a workstation for a few hours, days or even weeks at a time.

Because of the wide range of flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling, this is a great option for independent contractors.

Another favorable feature is that small structures can save a lot of money by combining equipment and other professional resources.

This new interest in coworking spaces by large companies is mainly driven by financial considerations. Why? To save on office rental costs, especially in metropolitan areas where the cost per square foot is rapidly increasing.

Most companies assume that the space they rent in their own name will never be fully occupied. Therefore, renting a shared workspace is a perfect choice.

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