How to set up a meeting room?

For the meeting room to be a truly productive space, it must be meticulously planned. This is because critical decisions are made, new ideas are generated and projects are completed.

In addition, this space is a showcase for the company to customers and associates. For this reason, it is crucial that it is pleasant and comfortable. It is necessary to consider all aspects of the space, from the glass partition to the decoration and even the furniture, such as tables and chairs. Find out how to design a meeting room!

Are there specific reasons to have a meeting room?

To be effective, a meeting room must above all promote teamwork. Therefore, it must respect a set of standards of comfort and practicality in its construction.

To begin with, each participant must be able to see and hear each other in order to facilitate communication and exchanges. Therefore, the choice of furniture is essential.

To ensure everyone’s comfort, the space must also be properly ventilated, which requires specific measures to be taken. Everyone must be able to move freely throughout the building.

The design of your meeting room will be influenced by the space you have available, as well as your financial constraints. Choose between a room with solid walls, a room with movable partitions or a room with entirely glass walls.

An opaque film will be installed to ensure the privacy of the participants

Opaque film must be installed on glass walls or barriers in meeting rooms. Privacy and confidentiality must be protected, but so must the presence of prying eyes. Spaces with glass walls are particularly popular at the moment because they convey an air of openness and honesty in business.

It’s possible to have total seclusion while still allowing the outside world to be seen with blackout window film. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with this equipment!

An added benefit of blackout window film is that it is very easy to install. Know that you can use it to produce beautiful interior lighting effects and subtle illuminations. For your meeting room, this is a fantastic choice.

The goal is to create a usable space

Designing a meeting space also requires consideration of the room’s interior layout. Actual layout plans based on the company’s square footage and building configuration are optimal.

Keep a clear path for people to move around. To do this, a space of 80 cm to 1 m should be maintained between the table and the walls. There should also be 60 cm between each seat. The length of the table will be determined according to this.

Creating a place that is both practical and visually appealing is the ultimate design goal. Therefore, choosing the right furniture is essential.

Choosing the right meeting room furniture

The choice of furniture for a meeting room is essential. The table and chairs are part of it. Choose a conference or meeting table that is made of one solid piece and sized to fit the room. Regardless of its shape, the primary purpose of a conference room is to facilitate group brainstorming.

Meeting rooms and training centers can all benefit from modular tables. Because of the ease with which they can be stored, folding tables are ideal for apartments with limited space.

The smooth running of the meeting depends on the availability of the right accessories. Make sure the meeting space has everything you need to get people’s attention.

The use of a whiteboard is essential to highlight and clarify the main points and ideas of the meeting. Additional audio-visual support is also needed for project documents. Ideally, it should be suspended from the ceiling to maximize the use of space.

You can’t have a meeting room without a projection table with a video projector attached, or a computer desk with a mobile computer station.

Also, don’t forget to decorate the space in a way that encourages communication. It is possible to brighten up a room with a few bright colorful touches. It’s also a good idea to include photos, plants or other decorative items.

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