Is coworking space only for startups?

Essentially, a “coworking space” or “shared space” is meant to be an environment where people who want to start their own business can work together. But this form of flexible workspace isn’t just for freelancers and startups; some organizations are actively embracing the concept.

The phenomenon is now close enough to allow much larger and more important companies to work together.

The Luxembourg coworking scene is gaining popularity as operators attempt to lure large companies away from traditional office buildings and into a more dynamic and flexible work environment. Because a coworking space is so advantageous and quick to set up, not only start-ups but also corporations have embraced the concept and now represent about half of the occupant base.

For companies with large workforces, shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular because they provide access to quality infrastructure, a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, and reduced costs.

The workplace is now seen as a tool for building a vibrant and dynamic productivity culture that impacts the financial, cultural and environmental ethos of the business. We may see a more “melting pot” approach to coworking in the future, when startups and corporate teams work together to explore all the different business opportunities.

How do these startups benefit from joining the coworking community?

Incredibly advanced infrastructure without the need for a large capital investment

Office space providers take care of all the necessities like internet, infrastructure and other aspects like conference rooms and cafeterias. Once these needs are met, companies can focus on their core product or business. 

Flexibility in choosing a workstation

High-growth companies typically need workstations that can grow with them as they rapidly expand. Rather than making a long-term commitment such as signing a lease, organizations can simply lease additional workstations in the original area as their needs change.

Discussions between like-minded people and concepts

Creating new ideas is much easier when done in a group setting. Companies that work in a shared workspace benefit from the fresh ideas that other experts bring to the table. When working in a group setting, the importance of teamwork, even among members, cannot be overstated. These experts in their respective fields bring a fresh perspective that can help organizations go further than they thought possible.

Cost-cutting measures for companies

It is possible for large companies to reduce costs and increase revenue by using shared office spaces. Shared workspaces are more cost-effective for companies with teams spread across the country or region than renting expensive high-rise buildings for a few people.

In addition to saving money on typical office space, renting a shared space also eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance.

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