Presentation of our coworking

Coworking spaces with many parking places have been set up in three different cities: Luxembourg, Strassen and Bertrange. A place that values a working environment in a friendly and collaborative culture. Color Business Center offers open spaces and closed offices are separated by meeting rooms, a kitchen and a relaxation area.

Color Business Center explains the benefits of coworking

To overcome isolation, the concept of Color Business Center is attractive to those who work alone or in their own business and are looking for a way to connect with others.

Partnerships for the development of certain talents

Exchanges between members create synergies, work groups and associations of skills. Motivation and performance are boosted when there is a sense of belonging among team members.

To avoid the high cost of renting a traditional office, you can work outside your home thanks to the Color Business Center. It is also possible to reserve a space for a day or for a year in our coworking space.

A place where people can meet and work together

People can meet and work together in a way they might not otherwise. We have a diverse group of professionals who benefit from a common infrastructure and collaborate on new ideas.

Services of Color Business Center

  • Location Accessibility: Major highways and public transportation all lead directly to the front door of the our center.
  • Hours of Operation: Our hours of operation are tailored to the work schedules of professionals, independent contractors and other self-employed individuals, including the ability to work in staggered shifts.
  • Rooms for meetings, phone calls, or open space work are available at all of our professional locations. We also provide our clients with a lounge area and kitchen.
  • The Color Business Center facilitates the joint work of professionals by setting meeting times and facilitating the coordination of schedules.
  • It is possible to have your own office, and leave your belongings in total protection.

Collaborate with others and exchange concepts

Coworking also facilitates the connection with other people and the exchange of information and projects. It also responds to the desire of companies to develop a more collaborative economy.

Sharing a workspace can lead to the following results: The exchange of knowledge and the diffusion of experience, originality and the desire to progress

Do not hesitate to visit us in our local office, you will always be welcome.

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