Coworking: the alternative to the classic office

Working in a coworking space has several advantages over working in a classic office! Think about its advantages before focusing on its price. We mention the collaboration, the meeting, the expansion of its network. It’s not just a place to work, it’s a way of life!

Who knows? We’re reinventing the way we work at Color Business Center and other coworking spaces. We offer an inspiring and sophisticated environment that encourages both professional and personal dialogue!


We put side by side a classic 40 m² office in the heart of the city, which can accommodate two people, and a coworking space, like the one we offer at Color Business Center in Luxembourg.

First of all, renting an office at the Color Business Center gives you access to this private space, as well as to all the facilities and services that come with it (kitchen and lounge area, meeting room, utilities and cleaning included…).

While in a classic office, you will pay on average $1195 per month in rent, the Colors Business Center will cost you only $495 per month.

In depth: why does a classic office cost 1195 euros per month?

Classic office rates are generally composed as follows:

  • 490 euros for a two-person office.
  • 290 for maintenance, rent and property tax
  • 240 € for electricity, insurance, and a printer/scanner.
  • Small repairs + Depreciation of specific items + Furniture: 85€.
  • Internet access, a cup of coffee and remote surveillance are included in the price of 90€.

That’s why we advise you to take advantage of one of our offices at the Color Business Center to benefit from these rates and the other advantages mentioned above.

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