Coworking: optimizing collaborative work and innovation

Telecenters, third places, business centers, all titles that express the same work situation for the employee: coworking. These workplaces are flourishing everywhere, and not only in Luxembourg. Companies have understood the immense potential for innovation and performance that the marriage of professional networks and common digital technologies represents.

For organizations, coworking spaces offer two types of advantages: the pooling of costs and resources, flexibility, easy access to powerful technologies and a collective workspace that stimulates the exchange of skills.

Coworking can take many forms, addressing a variety of audiences: telecenters for teleworkers, open spaces made available to companies, business centers aimed mainly at executives or managers, third places offering services and premises for self-employed workers or according to a start-up profile.

In addition to office space, the coworking organization offers many amenities, such as Wi-Fi, entertainment and relaxation rooms and catering.

Each of the companies…

A new type of open innovation intermediary, coworking spaces foster diverse contacts and can facilitate multi-actor collaborative dynamics while remaining economically self-sufficient, according to studies.

Different work means different space. With many companies cutting back on collaborative work spaces, now is a good time to implement new technologies that encourage teamwork and learning, as well as rapid decision-making and innovative approaches.

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