Resort to a coworking space

Coworking is becoming a mainstream workspace solution. It is flexible, collaborative and cost-effective. It has become an essential part of many serviced office environments.

The success of coworking is undeniable and growing rapidly. Coworking spaces have been proven to dramatically improve productivity for professionals, making shared office spaces not only an economic decision, but also an effective strategy for business growth.

Who uses a coworking space and why are they so popular? What are the rates? And many other things that we will detail in this article.

1. Who uses a coworking space?

The many benefits of coworking attract a diverse group of professionals. Some, like consultants and freelancers, are used to working outside the traditional office.

Others, like small and medium-sized businesses, find coworking a good bridge between what they know and this new style of work.

The widespread accessibility of coworking makes it possible for everyone to try it. A well-run coworking space can end up with a diverse group of frequent visitors who attract more members through their interactions.

2. What are the benefits of a workspace?

The benefits of coworking spaces cover a wide range such as flexibility, cost effectiveness, comfort and work-life balance, workspaces evolve with time. They are born during this evolutionary process.

The way work is organized is changing at a rapid pace. It will continue to do so as today’s workers seek more and more interaction. One way to provide these interactions to your employees is through flexible workspaces.

A working space

3. What are the services offered by a coworking space?

Most coworking spaces typically offer a standard set of benefits to their users, including a dedicated desk, access to high-speed internet, and use of shared office equipment such as a printer, scanner, and copier.

However, to stand out, many coworking spaces need to offer more value to their customers to keep them coming back. Sometimes these amenities are free and part of the package, while others are available for a small fee.

4. Coworking space prices

Faced with the high cost of renting traditional offices, coworking spaces are starting to appear everywhere. But just how much does it cost to rent such a space?

First of all, it depends on the level of coworking services you need, there are many elements to take into account. Rates vary depending on the location, facilities and services provided.

Coworking space prices

For example, at Color Business Center, the price per workstation ranges from €195 to €495 per month for a coworking space.

If you want to join a coworking office in Luxembourg that offers all the modern amenities as well as a multitude of value-added services, Color Business Center is the ideal choice. We promise you a spacious, dynamic, comfortable and work-oriented environment where you can work, learn and relax at the same time.

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