Open space and coworking: new ways of working

The work environment continues to innovate and has many new developments that companies are starting to implement.

Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers are joining coworking spaces because they want to interact with like-minded professionals, increase their professional networks and benefit from more business opportunities.

Among these environments, we find the open-space and coworking spaces that are starting to develop in Luxembourg in the last few years. In this article, you will discover the differences between coworking and open space. And you will be able to choose the best place for your working day.

The open space, an optimized communication

Open spaces emphasize a shared work environment, favoring shared workspaces over separate offices. It’s an egalitarian concept that aims to foster communication, culture and trust.

In an open space, you’ll likely see long rows of desks with little to no separation. In trendy tech workplaces, open spaces also have recreational and entertainment areas, such as ping-pong tables, craft spaces, media rooms and libraries.

The open office trend is not without reason. According to their users, they are a guarantee of collaboration and increasingly close-knit teams that can solve complex problems together.

The open space, an optimized communication

Coworking, a collaborative place

In order to achieve maximum flexibility and better work-life integration, many members of today’s workforce are choosing to make a living by freelancing. This trend has led to the development of coworking spaces, which provide an office environment for people doing a variety of unrelated work for different companies.

To create an in-house coworking environment, encourage members of different teams to work side-by-side by using workspaces that correspond to different functions. You can also facilitate interaction by adding social spaces, communal cafes or lounge areas.

These spaces create a collaborative, communal atmosphere and the human connection people are looking for.

Once launched and installed, these different spaces will need to evolve to fit your customers. Spend the time and energy to do so and most importantly, put yourself in the shoes of your future subscribers.

You have already worked in coworking or you are seduced and wish to test this innovative concept of work in Luxembourg? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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