Top 10 Coworking Spaces for Startups

While some businesses are born in the founder’s living room or garage, others prefer to start in an environment that provides the right resources, tools and community support to help them grow as quickly as possible. When you’re a startup, you need a workspace that’s great for getting off the ground quickly. Many of the world’s most successful businesses were founded in coworking spaces. Coworking space is a more cost-effective choice for startups than renting a typical office, and many founders appreciate the opportunity to meet and network with other businesses, bright freelancers, and potential clients in a dedicated startup office.

Which coworking space should you choose for your startup? Here are the best coworking spaces for startups.

1. 1871, Chicago

A coworking space named after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is first on our list. 1871, like the fire, is a catalyst for change in our city’s history and is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the space, tools and training they need to thrive.

In addition, this coworking space hosts events for digital businesses. 1871 is the ideal incubator for a startup that needs significant incubation.

2. Avila Spaces, Lisbon

A lot of big companies have set up shop in the Portuguese capital, and one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, Web Summit, is held here every year. Lisbon is no secret to emerging startups.

There are some real disruptors in Lisbon’s Avila Spaces, and many of them have found a home in the city’s low-cost offices. Avila Spaces is a prime location for developing companies, offering a unique partnership service for members that includes support in the following areas: accounting, company registration, patents and trademarks, billing services and information technology.

3. Work & Co, Cape Town

The Work & Co coworking space is a great option for small businesses. Located in the center of Cape Town, it offers a great view of the cityscape. Work & Co is one of South Africa’s most powerful gas pedals, offering the comfort of a home, the energy of a cafe, the creativity of a workshop and the technology of a professional workplace. This startup office space is a vibrant community of open-minded and passionate entrepreneurs all working towards the same goals for businesses.

4. Ministry of New, Mumbai

Those new to coworking can find a home at Ministry of New in the bustling Bombay neighborhood. This coworking space is also a well-known incubator, attracting many budding entrepreneurs looking for a new startup idea. As the coworking sector grows in India, startups like Ministry of New are struggling to find a place to operate, and for good reason.

5.  #tceh, Moscow

A number of coworking spaces in Moscow have become well-known flexible office brands, which now host some of Russia’s most innovative companies. A renowned incubator for tech entrepreneurs, #tceh, in Moscow’s central business district, is a great place to get your business off the ground.

6. La Cordée Coworking, Lyon (9th)

In Lyon, La Cordée has five coworking spaces in each arrondissement, allowing startups to expand to second and third locations throughout the city. In addition to facilities in Annecy, Nantes and even a train station in Paris, this coworking network gives startup teams access to an unprecedented network of entrepreneurs across France.

7. Workhaus, Toronto

Looking for a startup coworking space in downtown Toronto? Instead of one dynamic space, why not cluster them together? Ten different coworking spaces dot the downtown Toronto skyline, and that’s what Workhaus has to offer. Startups have the opportunity to expand their staff within the Workhaus brand, using the same streamlined membership at other Workhaus locations.

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