What are some recommended coworking spaces in Luxembourg?

With the growing startup and entrepreneurial community in Luxembourg, it’s no surprise that the number of coworking spaces has increased. Having trouble choosing the perfect location for your business? Here are some of the most recommended coworking spaces in Luxembourg.

Color Business Center

The Color Business Center in Luxembourg serves as an incubator for entrepreneurs and a focal point for a growing number of small businesses. These include amenities such as: fully furnished rooms – Parking is free at this location. – A conference room with free Wi-Fi – Accounting and bookkeeping services are offered. – The kitchen…


Interested in a friendly and creative co-working space at an affordable price? A space in Luxembourg where young Luxembourg entrepreneurs and start-ups can come together to collaborate, share and develop ideas, and build synergies. A place where you can get help with marketing and office management.

Silversquare Luxembourg

Silversquare is the newest coworking space in Luxembourg and the first place outside Belgium created by a Belgian coworking operator.

Silversquare fits perfectly into the Luxembourg coworking sector as it offers all the amenities of a business center while maintaining an open and lively atmosphere for its various members.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the location or the services offered by the Color Business Center.

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Color Business Center

Color Business Center


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