Coworking in the countryside: the advantages of shared workspace

When you think of coworking, do you think of trendy coffee shops in big cities or well-designed coworking spaces in metropolises? However, you may be surprised to learn that coworking is used in places you may not expect.

A wide range of flexible and portable job opportunities can be found outside of major metropolitan areas. Coworking has been around for a long time in the country. It’s increasingly common for “new rural workers” to work in coworking spaces outside of major cities. It’s possible that this rural perspective is opening up new avenues.

Shared office spaces are just one part of what “coworking” means

Working in a coworking space doesn’t necessarily mean you are surrounded by other people. You need to connect with others. People who use coworking spaces rely on interacting with others they may not meet at their place of work. Rural communities are now experiencing a boom in what was once reserved for urban areas.

Coworking in rural areas is more diverse than in urban areas

One thing is more important in the country than in the city: a sense of belonging. As a result, a much wider range of people are interested in coworking in rural areas. Many people, including teachers and artisans, need a sense of community and the freedom to work wherever they want.

In rural areas, the benefits of coworking can be significant

People who work in coworking spaces not only save money and time, but they also do something good for the environment. While individual offices use more electricity, coworking spaces save it by sharing resources and minimizing the time people spend getting to and from work.

However, our sanity isn’t the only benefit; time saved on one side can be used on the other. Work-life balance can be improved with coworking spaces.

Moribund communities can find new vitality through coworking

For so-called “structurally weak” regions, these new coworking spaces have a revitalizing effect. The local community is strengthened by the exchange of information, personal contacts and networking. Thus, the exodus of workers could be moderated in the future. In fact, some aspects of the countryside are simply more attractive than those of the city.

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