Thoughts on coworking/shared office spaces?

We gain a sense of belonging and stability when we have a regular 9 to 5 job. In today’s competitive job market, many organizations give new hires with a mentor who serves as a guide throughout the hiring process and familiarizes them with the company culture, orientation and icebreakers are also prevalent. Employees will feel more at ease in the workplace because of this.

As a result, many organizations these days have organized events for their entire workforce, such as festival celebrations, workshops, and picnics, throughout the year. As a result, a greater sense of community is created.

In contrast to freelancing or starting a business, people who take up a job like this generally find that they have less control over their own lives and less flexibility. Always be on time; your job must never be subpar; you may have to forego other elements of your life in order to do so. As far as some individuals are concerned, your salary isn’t simply compensation for your work; it’s also compensation for giving up on your aspirations. There are obvious reasons to believe that this isn’t true for everyone.

Work-from-home options are also available, but they can lead to isolation and the development of negative habits due to the lack of a work community to support us.

To address the issues outlined above, coworking is the answer. Working in a coworking space gives you the independence and adaptability you desire. Work-life integration has never been easier. You can also profit from mingling with the rest of the community.

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