What are the advantages of coworking for SMEs?

In recent years, the number of coworking spaces and flexible office providers in Luxembourg has grown rapidly. SMEs and their turnover are growing strongly, and the number of companies is also increasing. Due to the expansion and development, more employees need to be hired.

Therefore, the team needs to decide on the best location and type of space for their business. Coworking and flex spaces are a great alternative for small businesses for the following three reasons:

1. You don’t stray from your core competencies

Having a service contract and being able to move into ready-to-use office space has saved us a lot of time. Large companies often have the capacity to handle employee health and safety issues, but SMEs often lack the staff to do so.

It’s a great selling point for coworking spaces, business centers, and flexible offices to avoid the hassle of moving offices.

Once you’ve occupied the space, coworking operator services allow you to reduce the number of day-to-day responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your business rather than micromanaging.

2. You minimize the long-term commitment

Real estate is increasingly consumed as a service. In the short term, the service contract helps the business align its expenses with its revenue projections.

Most flex space, coworking and business center operators use this form of contract to allow for a quick exit without compensation.

3. You promote your company’s attractiveness and talent retention

If you’re an SME, you may be struggling to attract and retain the best employees. The most critical aspect of employee retention, for both family businesses and subsidiaries of large corporations, is the quality of the workplace (comfort, services and location).

Choosing a new company is becoming increasingly complicated for today’s generation of executives, who are looking for more than just a salary. They want perks such as concierge services, casual meeting spaces and recreational facilities.

Why should you consider coworking?

Coworking allows companies to meet the needs of their core employees, as well as the deepest desires of their employees, through flexible workspaces. Breaking down the clichés about coworking and exploring the full range of choices available to users can be helpful in grasping this concept.

You’ve learned almost everything you need to know about coworking. But curious minds want to see more.

In Bertrange and Strassen, Color Business Center offers dozens of coworking spaces and it’s up to you to decide!

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