Have you ever thought about coworking?

Coworking has become increasingly popular in Luxembourg over the past few years.

Isolating yourself from others in a networked environment is neither pleasant nor efficient. Coworking is a new way of organizing work that encourages communication, collaboration and innovation while saving money.

In a loft space or small, open workspaces, coworking facilities provide tables for group work and another room for phone calls or meetings with clients.

Renting a virtual office is less expensive than renting a traditional office. Having the ability to collaborate with others (such as contractors and designers, but also lawyers and IT people) allows employees to learn new skills.

The shared workspace allows people who want to collaborate on a project to do so by sharing their skills and expertise.

In addition to the illusion of a real office, coworking offers the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals. Even though it has the appearance of a start-up, there is still a sense of unease, especially when it comes to privacy issues.

For this space to work well, you need to involve the people in it who may or may not be willing to share. Also, the fact that they don’t work for the same organization or do the same job can cause some problems.

They can, of course, share their experiences, but they may not speak the same language or give the same priorities. In addition, they can be annoying because of the noise or lack of personal space they create. There is a price to pay for the benefits of sharing skills.

It’s clear that employees work more closely, sharing and communicating, despite the drawbacks of this new technology. You will be more motivated at work if you do this.

Working alone or in a small team, with or without a manager, allows more freedom, more responsibility and less stress…

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