What are the amenities at a coworking space?

Choosing the appropriate coworking equipment is an important step in the process of setting up your space. Basic amenities are necessary for any coworking business, no matter how big or small it is. By providing the necessary facilities, you ensure that your members are part of the 92 percent of coworkers who are satisfied with their workspace. Consider the following features for coworking spaces in your business strategy.

Non-caffeinated and caffeinated drinks are available

In a coworking space, you should have access to the same amenities as in a regular office. You can support your local economy by purchasing locally roasted coffee. To diversify your menu, consider offering organic tea or fresh juice blends…


Any effective coworking space should have at least a few refreshments on hand, and you can make this as basic or elaborate as you wish. Store fresh fruit, chips, and other snacks in single-serving containers. In some cases, a chef-concierge is on-site to prepare delectable delights for the coworkers.

Access Control

Coworking spaces rely on access control systems to keep their members safe while also allowing them to come and go as they choose. Since you don’t require a receptionist or security guard to constantly monitor who enters, an access control system is more convenient than other options. You can even control the best options from your phone for easy access and without the need to carry additional stuff.

Access to the Internet 

It’s a given that a coworking space can’t exist without internet access. If you want to draw in a diverse group of people, make sure to offer both wired and wireless connections.

Desks That Let You Stand While You Work

Sit-stand desks make a statement in a coworking area where traditional desks are the norm. They make it possible for members to take a break and relax. Treadmill desks are available at some workplaces. Remember to include a variety of seating alternatives.

Phones and conference rooms

Every coworking space should include a meeting room or a phone/video call area as part of its design in order to maximize productivity and utility for members. It’s impossible to imagine a room without these elements.


This coworking equipment is a must in any business, but you must decide how to incorporate it into your workspace. When it comes to free printing, will you allow members to print as many pages as they’d like? Or will each page be charged separately to members?


Because it’s a great method for members to unwind and recharge their batteries while they’re at work, coworking spaces are increasingly introducing yoga classes. Some gyms provide additional workout classes. Showers and locker rooms are a need if you want to provide programs where participants will be required to work up a sweat.

Health and Wellness Rooms

Coworking amenities could include a place for people to take a little nap throughout the workday, as many people find this to be more productive. Consider a smaller area, like a nap booth.

A well-informed group of individuals

It doesn’t matter what additional facilities you provide in your coworking space if you don’t have competent personnel. The more welcoming and knowledgeable your team is, the more likely it will be for new members to join. Many experts believe that coworking spaces who acknowledge that they are in the service industry and recruit accordingly have the best member life cycles.

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