What are common pitfalls of coworking space?

Many remote workers seek professional growth in coworking spaces when working from home becomes too distracting, unprofessional, or uninteresting. In the meantime, perhaps you’re still wondering what the term “coworking” means and how it works. There’s a reason why coworking was previously regarded as an ideal method for attaining a work-life balance: It’s actually not so perfect after all.

If you’re looking to discover a work environment that fits your lifestyle, avoid these five common pitfalls.

1. How much does it cost?

Compared to working from home or a coffee shop, coworking is the most cost-effective option for startups needing office space. Because of course the general lack of professionalism can be seen. Directly acquiring a private office can be more cost-effective when your company grows or becomes more stable in terms of the number of employees.

2. There is a lot of noise

Some coworking spaces can be a little too noisy for my taste. This may work for some folks, but it’s a common gripe among others. If you have a private workplace, the noise is lessened, however shared areas are commonly affected by this issue.

3. Distractions

There are some areas that feature a lot of events that can be more distracting than useful, which is comparable to point 2.

4. Internet Slowness:

Congestion in the wifi network or other factors contribute to sluggish internet speeds in high-traffic areas. It’s not an issue in most professionally run locations, but it can be a problem in smaller ones.

5. There is no privacy.

Another drawback of coworking is that it lacks privacy. Because of the lack of privacy in a coworking environment, you could find yourself at risk if your rivals are also there. 

Additionally, you may have difficulty keeping confidential conversations with important clients quiet over the phone or safeguarding private information in public places. This can lead to claims against you, litigation, and other expensive circumstances that you hadn’t planned on at the beginning.

The advantages far exceed the disadvantages. Trials and day passes are increasingly commonplace at most coworking spaces, making it easy to give them a try without incurring any financial obligation. As a general rule, the cancellation policy is also quite flexible if you find that a space isn’t quite perfect.

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