What are the seating options in a coworking space?

If you’re new to the business of coworking, you may be perplexed by the different labels given to different types of seating. For someone who has never been inside a business, it’s reasonable for you to be a little apprehensive about what you see. 

No need to be alarmed, we’ll go over all the most popular options for coworking space seating right now. Some coworking spaces may have unique seating arrangements, while others may have comparable arrangements with slightly different names.

This list, on the other hand, gives you an overview of the most common types of seating available in coworking spaces, regardless of the type of consumers they serve.

Flexi Desks/Hot Desks

First come, first served desks are available here. An internet connection and a USB port are provided on each workstation for the convenience of working with a laptop.

Most of the time, the desks are being used by a variety of people at various times and for a variety of different reasons. 

Typically, there are no reservation systems – you just show up, put your laptop in, and get to work. Printers, conference rooms, refreshments, and other amenities vary every coworking location.

However, unless your Coworking service provider additionally provides you with a safe place to store things, storing personal or even official stuff in hot desks becomes practically impossible. Offering a professional working environment is ideal for freelancers and enterprises.

Specialized desks

Specialized desks, on the other hand, are reserved exclusively for the duration of your contract. There will be a limited number of specialized desks accessible for the duration of your coworking space, so you won’t have to share a desk with anybody else.

When it comes to storing worthless personal or official items, specialized offices are a slightly better option than hot desks because they include all of the same amenities as hot desks as well as meeting room credits, printer credits and free drinks.

However, if you need more privacy or even security, you should consider other options or consult your coworking service provider about storage or locker facilities.

Passes for the day are available

Flexi desks, but only during business hours. The Center offers a wide variety of seating options, including those listed above. 

It’s vital to be aware that these solutions don’t include any dedicated storage, so be sure to keep any important papers close at hand.

The Night Pass

Desks that can be moved around, but only at night. The flexibility of a flexible seating choice allows people who are willing to work late into the night to work in a more professional environment than sitting on the couch. The fact that these areas are also adaptable means that you won’t have any specific storage for your belongings.

Ticket for the Week

On weekends, they can be used as flexi desks. You’d have full access to these areas throughout the center if there was no storage. Freelancers and small-business owners can use this as a way to spend their weekends away from the office.

Flexibility is key in this situation.

Those that travel frequently and require a somewhere to stay for 10, 15, or even 20 days could find this to be the ideal option. A flexi desk is all yours for the next 10/15/20 days. You’ll have full use of the facilities. 

Private office

Working on your business requires a high degree of discretion and confidentiality. Private offices are the ideal solution if you want to concentrate fully. 

Clients can meet you in an informal or semi-formal atmosphere at their location.  At Color Business Center, you will find private offices starting at only €495. 

The Studio cabin

Sitting opportunities for co-workers can be enhanced by using studio booths. Duffel bags and bean bags can be used to add a funky touch to these less formal arrangements. Customizable to your personal taste, this option is a bit more opulent and relaxed.

Controlled Office

An entirely new notion has emerged in the management of workplace spaces. Controlled office spaces, as opposed to coworking spaces, give you more control over your work environment, allow for the growth of your company’s culture, and protect your personal information. 

You won’t have to share your managed office space with others like you would in a traditional coworking environment.

Coworking Passport

In other cities, your teammates will be able to use your company’s travel passport, which is also known as a coworking passport. That way, you won’t have to give up the convenience of working in a coworking space when you travel. 

You’ll also benefit from additional networking opportunities, as well as the convenience of coworking spaces in your city.

These are the most common types of seating options, noting the different types of conference/meeting rooms that also exist in coworking spaces.

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