What makes a coworking community?

If you’re just looking for a place to work, a coworking space can be a great place to meet like-minded people and build a professional network. When everyone claims to be a community, what exactly is a community? Is there a way to do this in a coworking environment?

There are many ways to think about coworking

There are many ways to think about coworking, and it’s important to distinguish between them. They do not serve the same purpose. Providing the coworker with a dedicated workspace is the first step in elevating the status of the space. Using coworking facilities allows him or her to avoid working from home, alleviate monotony and save money. Space and flexibility are its main benefits: it’s an approach to coworking that prioritizes sharing space and prices over the rest of the options.

With a human-centered approach, a coworker not only enters a work environment with all of the above benefits, but also becomes part of a larger work community. In addition, pooling and sharing are much more advanced in this approach. Thus, community members can get to know each other better and share best practices. Colleagues are expected to find creative solutions to each other’s challenges, both individually and collectively.

Create a sense of community in a shared workspace

However, simply declaring oneself a member of a group does not guarantee its existence. Supporting network members in the process of making their own connections is critical to forming lasting bonds. Here are three ways to build a true community:

Bringing a group of people together around a common passion…

Creating a sense of belonging starts with a shared taste and experience. For coworking spaces, it’s about creating a network of people who aren’t just there to do their work. For a group to function effectively, its members must share a common vision and set of values.

Which party accepts the agreement?

You must agree to be recruited by other community members to participate in a coworking space that emphasizes community. To participate, you must have a genuine desire to get involved and share.

To bond with your coworkers, you need to know them well

Finally, the coworking space must dedicate staff time to cultivating and maintaining its network of patrons. For this to work, you need to know each member on a personal level so you can bring them together based on their individual needs and listen to them on an ongoing basis. A true group of people with strong connections to each other can only be formed by spending time together and listening carefully.

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