How many of you use a coworking space?

The stimulating spirit of cooperation and creativity that prevails in a coworking space attracts businesses from a wide range of industries. Who benefits most from using shared office space and equipment?

In the long run, this shared workspace is more cost-effective than working from home or disrupting your business with a laptop with coffee. With its unique mix of creative, media and technology industries, it’s a great place to work or visit.

Workspaces with state-of-the-art technology

Historically, coworking spaces have attracted tech companies from the start. Small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers have been using these platforms for a long time, but now the internet giants are following suit.

Large companies are increasingly using coworking spaces. The goal is to have employees in close proximity to innovative companies, which makes it easier for them to connect.


It’s no secret that the media are big fans of coworking spaces. An ad from the media giant promoting self-employment stated that coworking spaces meet the changing needs of this fast-paced society.

In addition, the coworking space has become a “home” for its members and the primary source of social interaction for those who use it.


The work environment has a significant impact on our mental well-being. It must therefore be not only visually appealing but also useful. With this in mind, working in a motivating environment will help you be more innovative and productive in the long run. An attractive environment and an engaged community make a perfect coworking space.

As the name suggests, coworking spaces were created to provide a friendly, collaborative environment for freelancers and other creatives looking to break the isolation of working from home or other remote locations.

People in knowledge-based, digital and creative professions have found the coworking space to be excellent. With the complicated connection between work and socialization that coworking offers, creativity can be fostered naturally.

Employee Demographics

Coworking space members are typically 36 years old, according to a recent survey. In terms of average age, employers with employees top the list at 40, followed by freelancers at 38. Nearly four in 10 workers at coworking companies are under 30.

One in seven organizations with more than 100 full-time employees use coworking spaces, according to a recent survey of these companies. The majority of people who work in coworking spaces are highly educated, with 86 percent having earned a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in their field of study. Although the number of women using coworking spaces is steadily increasing, men still make up the majority of users.

More and more students are using coworking spaces because they allow them to connect with experts from a wide range of industries, which can help them find a job after graduation.

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