How to find a comfortable and productive workspace?

How do you go about finding a workspace ? What criteria should you keep in mind when deciding on a coworking space for yourself? Let us help you in your search for a new coworking space.

How do you find a workspace ?

You can use a variety of strategies to find coworking spaces:

  • To find coworking spaces near you, type “coworking” into Google and the name of the city.
  • Use Google Maps to search for places around you and see what others are saying.
  • Compare coworking spaces around the world on Filtering options allow you to limit your search to a specific location.

When choosing a coworking space, what should I look for?

The internet is the ultimate standard!

A high-speed internet connection is essential for your business in the digital world, or if you need to communicate with your clients around the world. An online presence should be checked first. A coworking space should be based on this principle. When there are too many users on the same network, the connection can become unreliable, slow or overloaded. Many unpleasant surprises can be avoided by checking online reviews of people’s experiences with Internet speed.


When you are on site, noise can quickly turn your life into a living hell… You will need a quiet place to work, where you can concentrate and make phone calls with your clients…

Use meeting rooms and phone boxes for meetings

Having a small space where you can make extended phone calls can be really beneficial if you find yourself doing this frequently. When renting a coworking space, make sure this is possible so you don’t have to schedule an important phone call or video conference meeting in the middle of the open space or in the kitchen. Open spaces that do not have too much echo can also be used in this way.

Opening hours

If you have clients in a different time zone, you may find yourself working at least part of the time. So check the opening hours of the coworking space and make sure they match your working hours.

Tables and chairs for the office

Choosing a coworking space where you can work comfortably with a comfortable workstation and a chair that won’t strain your back is a great idea! Also check how much office space has been allocated to each employee. It’s never fun to be squeezed in next to your neighbor…

The price of the rental

As a final thought, consider the cost of coworking. Each city, department and plan has its own set of costs. Here are some examples: fixed position, free position, full time, part time, private office. For some coworking spaces, you have to sign a contract for at least one month, or even three or six months, to sign up as a long-term coworker. You can pay by the hour, day, week or month, depending on how long you stay.

Try the workspace before you commit

It’s always best to try out the coworking space in person to make sure it meets your needs. A trial day is available in some places. In some cases, it is possible to arrange a trial day by contacting the organizers and asking for a little.

These are our recommendations for finding a coworking space that suits you and your business.

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