Coworking spaces in Luxembourg, from 195 €

Take advantage of all the benefits Color Business Center has to offer by setting up in one of our top coworking spaces in the city’s most popular neighborhoods. Founders, freelancers, startups and established businesses can use Color Business Center’s flexible coworking spaces.

The flexible workstations offer all the benefits of a productive work environment and are a professional alternative to a home office and only 195 euros.

Concentrated work and networking

It’s more than just a place to work for a few months. In addition to the flexibility of working with us, you can benefit from our services for a modern and professional workplace.

The advantages of coworking in our centers

  • A space is located in the heart of Luxembourg
  • State of the art facilities
  • A favorable working environment
  • Organization and participation in social events
  • User-friendly meeting rooms
  • Private offices
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • All fees are included

Coworking memberships at Color Business Center

Find a workplace that works for you for only 195 euros per month. An office in our coworking spaces or a private office instead? You can book the exact location you need with our flexible offers. By phone or email, we are here to help you.

All coworking spaces in Luxembourg

You choose where you want to work. Coworking spaces in Luxembourg Bertrange & Strassen are a convenient option for those looking for cool workspaces close to home. Using such a space is as easy as walking in and getting to work.

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