What companies have the coolest offices?

People’s health and productivity are directly linked to their work environment. Companies, especially those whose revenues depend on the Internet, are increasingly prioritizing the well-being of their employees and the work environment as a whole. When it comes to changing the air, you’ve found the perfect place here. 9 of the coolest offices we’ve ever seen are looking for new employees right now!

1. Google (U.S. and worldwide)

Google is known for both its creative products and innovative company culture. A playground-like work environment with water features, gardens, restaurants, a basketball court, a putting green, unorthodox work areas – and of course the famous slide – are well known to us.

2. Corus Entertainment (Canada)

Corus Entertainment’s Canadian offices feature a five-story atrium slide and meeting room tables designed like ice hockey rinks.

3. Comvert (Italy)

For its headquarters, clothing company Comvert transformed an enclosed cinema into offices, with an indoor skate park suspended from the ceiling.

4. Exquise Design (Paris, France)

French design agency Exquise Design also thrives on color.

5. ANZ Center (Australia)

Australia may have the most connected work environment in the world, thanks to Melbourne’s award-winning ANZ Center.

6. Facebook – Palo Alto, Calif

Facebook used its own tools to survey its employees about their ideal workspace, resulting in a unique approach to workplace architecture. The result was great work environments with huge open spaces to work in, as well as fantastic breakout spaces with skateboards and DJ booths.

7. YouTube – San Bruno, Calif.

Employees can relax with indoor golf, Segway riding, eating, games, swimming, and weight training, just to name a few of the activities offered at this office complex. Everything at YouTube is both professional and fun, and the hope is that employees will be able to come up with new ideas and collaborate well with their colleagues.

8. Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada

At first glance, this is one of the largest and most fun offices on the list. This massive 500,000 square foot structure is the headquarters of Corus Entertainment. In Toronto, it has been called the smartest building in the city. An open work atmosphere with many social spaces, including a five-story atrium with a three-story slide and lounges above several television studios, is offered to the 1,100 employees who were previously spread out in 11 separate buildings.

9. Asana

More than 70,000 companies use Asana’s work management platform, and millions of people in 195 countries use it every day. For the past three years, Fortune has recognized Asana as one of the best places to work, while Glassdoor and Inc. have ranked it as one of the best places to work.

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