Are there any good coworking spaces in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, a small country located between Belgium, Germany and France, is a hub for new ideas. The national spirit of Luxembourg is one of openness, dynamism and reliability, and the country has welcomed a wide range of talent from around the world. Coworking spaces in this region are home to a wide range of inventive and creative individuals with enormous economic and social potential, thanks to the presence of a large and diverse local and international talent pool.

Here are the six best places to work in Luxembourg.

1. The Color Business Center

Renting one of the three shared workspaces at the Color Business Center is available by the day, week or year. In this commercial complex, you can rent offices by the month or by the year.

The Color Business Center offers a wide range of services for a low monthly fee of 195 euros. This location is suitable for both large and small businesses, as well as individuals looking for a peaceful yet professional environment that promotes health and community spirit.

2. Bamhaus

The industrial heart of Dommeldange is home to Bamhaus, a sanctuary for seasoned artists and media professionals. As a low-cost creative melting pot, Bamhaus fosters openness and collaboration through the use of shared spaces and a welcoming atmosphere.

3. The Office 

Previously, the workplace was located in a parking lot that had been transformed into a hip coworking space. Even though it has been transformed, the space has retained some of its original flavor.

4. 1535º Creative Hub

The 1535º Creative Hub is housed in a former steel mill and is home to over 60 small businesses. Offices are assigned based on a company’s cultural and social value, not the standard coworking space model.

5. Regus 

There are many Regus locations in Luxembourg, from Bertrange to Findel. For people who only need a certain number of days per month of coworking space, Regus offers a variety of different packages.

6. Paul Wurth InCub

Industrial technology companies are the primary focus of Paul Wurth InCub, which was launched in 2016. It was designed as a place where entrepreneurs from different sectors could work together with experts, potential customers and investors to generate new ideas.

Coworking spaces come in many shapes and sizes, and each offers a unique set of benefits depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. As for the Color Business Center, it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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