What software do you use for coworking space management?

There is now a wealth of software designed to help coworking spaces grow and provide the best possible service to members and guests. Five of the best coworking space management tools are featured by Color Business Center.

1. Nexus

Memberships, payments, events, newsletters, etc. are all managed by Nexudus. It even comes with a robust CRM to keep track of your relationships and leads.

2. Optix

It is possible to use Optix as a mobile-first coworking platform. One tool is the white-label mobile app for members, and the other is the web platform for administrators. Optix services include booking administration, billing, member chat and customer support.

3. There is also Coworkify

As a coworking management software, Coworkify aims to be simple. Booking, payment, membership, sales and marketing functions are all included without being overly cumbersome. Plus, the pricing is only dependent on the size of the business, which we appreciate.

4. Yardi Kube 

Yardi Kube (formerly Happy Desk) is a brand new coworking management software. In addition to everything the others can accomplish, it can do so much more. It is an all-in-one coworking platform that goes beyond just managing tenants. Additional features include door access, wifi, and network control, which many of its competitors don’t have. A built-in marketplace that helps you find people for your office and conference space.

5. Cobot 

By automating tedious daily tasks, the startup behind Cobot has helped other coworking spaces run more smoothly. This multilingual, mobile-optimized platform works with a wide range of facilities – from community centers to large corporate campuses – and all their associated software systems, including those that are multi-location networks.

Any coworking space should have software administration as a standard feature. In today’s competitive business environment, a technology advantage is a must. Your business can benefit from using this software. We sincerely hope you found this list useful.

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