What’s it like working in a co-working space?

The concept of working in a coworking space, in an open space where other workers are present, may seem vague. Coworking is in full development in Luxembourg. It is a new way of organizing work based on a shared workspace set up to facilitate communication between the entrepreneurs who are present there.

Some questions remain in the minds of certain entrepreneurs who could potentially be interested in these formulas adapted to new professional needs.

So how do these workplaces work? How do you go about working there? We will give you some guidance!

Are coworking spaces full all the time?

The people in a coworking space are not always the same. They are therefore not always completely full.

On certain days and depending on the demand, the working environment is more or less full. Indeed, it is possible to come and rent a space for teleworking only 2 or 3 days a week.

However, the coworking managers always make sure to respect the available space according to the surface of the offices to be shared so that each worker has a comfortable space. The coworking space is therefore a real place available to each worker to avoid working from home.

How to work on it?

You are likely to find empty offices for a few hours or a day. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to book your workstation at least a few days in advance. This will allow you to plan your working day with peace of mind.

However, if this situation arises, it is possible to ask the managers of the coworking spaces for the space available on the same day. The principle of these new offices is to be very flexible, if this is not the case you can call the switchboard before going to the office to find out which spaces are available according to your needs.

Are there private offices in coworking spaces?

The private office is a small area separated from the open office by partitions. They are usually reserved for senior managers. Sometimes a private office is provided for a group of people who are doing a special project, work of a confidential nature or who need to concentrate on their work.

Before renting your private office, you should ask questions about the facilities on offer. The idea is always to have a flexible and convenient arrangement for workers.

For example, at the Color Business Center, you will find private offices from €495 per month that have several facilities.

Coworking spaces are above all flexible and adapt to new ways of working: long hours, 24/7 opening… This solution is ideal for finding a friendly professional space to work in on a daily basis.

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