Is there a global directory of coworking spaces?

Coworking directories are a must for anyone looking for a coworking space in today’s environment of increasing coworking facilities. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, vacationers and anyone who is tired of working from home are all potential consumers of a coworking space. In order to indicate the location of coworking spaces, different directories use different methods. Some use maps to highlight the location of coworking spaces, while others use filters to help you narrow your search. For coworking spaces that strive to differentiate themselves and attract diverse niches, filters and additional information are extremely important.

In order to offer you the best of the best, we have combed through these coworking directories. All of these directories allow you to sign up for free, but you may have to pay a fee if you want to advertise your space or use additional coworking space management services.

The best coworking directories


There are so many Wework sites in the world that you might consider their listing as a directory in itself. If you’re looking for a high-quality coworking experience, chances are you’ll find it at one of their sites in your city.

Using Google Maps is simple

To find a coworking space, nothing beats the Google search engine. If you search for “Coworking (((City Name)))” in Google Maps, you’ll see a full map with all coworking-related results, including information about each coworking space. However, this is not a directory listing. Basic information about the locations, such as hours of operation, addresses, websites and customer reviews, can be found on Google.


With StartupBlink’s global coworking directory, travelers and professionals can find coworking spaces around the world. ‘ These spaces can list their current capacity, utilities and other relevant information. You can also see how each location compares to others. In addition, StartupBlink offers coworking-specific marketing partnerships for coworking space owners and accelerator pedals.


Plus, you can quickly set up a free trial day and additional incentives you won’t find anywhere else with Coworker, the most comprehensive coworking directory available. When it comes to community and coworking, this is the place to be.


In seconds, you can select the office space that best suits your needs with Pickspace’s global office space booking platform. Pickspace also offers white-label community and property management software.


Crowdsourcing platform Workfrom encourages its members to find and share coworking spaces. They’re more interested in places where people can find work than anything else. Coffee shops, coworking spaces and other public places are all examples of shared spaces. There is a ranking for finding the most parking spaces for the company’s user community.


Clients and space owners can benefit from Copass, which aims to make international coworking more convenient. Workspaces can join the platform for free, making it a very simple concept. Customers choose the number of days they want to work and the space they need. 

Spaces are charged a 6% fee once they sign up for Copass. Copass asks spaces that bill their clients on a daily basis to give a discount to Copass users. In addition to monthly space billing, Copass can also help create unique pricing for additional features. You can include facilities, pricing and photos of your coworking space here. Customers can also provide ratings and recommendations for the places they’ve visited.

Coworking Wiki

For the latest information on coworking, check out the Wiki created by Tara Hunt and Chris Messina. Coworking space owners have full control over the project’s coworking directory, which is a key feature. Basic coworking space information such as contact information, hours of operation, images, and social media links are included in the directory. In addition to the directory, the Wiki contains an entire page dedicated to coworking resources, such as blogs and media coverage, associations and groups, coworking tools and conferences…etc.

These coworking space directories are essential knowledge for anyone, whether they are a traveler or a coworking space owner. They will keep you up to date on the latest coworking space innovations and save you a ton of time.

Coworking directories are a great starting point for promoting your space.

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