Coworking in the country: New work communities are forming

To make the workplace more enjoyable for businesses and employees, coworking space providers in rural areas are looking to expand these spaces. What is the reason for this gradual but steady growth?

Large cities have long had coworking spaces. In contrast, sharing office space in rural areas is still unusual. However, rural areas are also seeing an increase in these spaces. When it comes to shared workspaces, the focus is on the sense of community, but also on their usefulness to local communities.

Along major commuting routes

In rural coworking spaces, the facilities are similar to those found in urban centers, except they differ based on location. These spaces in remote areas often include additional services such as housing alternatives, podcast recording studios and cafes, a professional kitchen, sewing room, daycare or workshop. Work sessions involving the entire team often take place in coworking space that also serve as event venues.

Rural residents typically use coworking spaces as places to meet and exchange. A real coworking community could develop there. Can the bonds that are forged within a company surpass those that are forged within a team?

Get out of your own professional bubble

Coworking spaces allow employees to get out of their professional bubble, which can lead to new ideas. Other users of these workspaces include artisans and scientists, as well as educators and consultants in the digital and IT fields.

Many rural coworking space operators have lost their primary source of income as a result. In the past, the most successful tournaments were organized by teams. Team activities and meetings are an important source of revenue for founders of rural coworking spaces.

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