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Everyone knows that the way people work has changed in recent years. The internal operations of an organization, as well as the relationship of its employees with their workplace, have been significantly affected by these new developments… In the past, it was common to work at the company’s workplace, but this is no longer the case. Regardless, big changes are taking place. The growing popularity of coworking spaces in Luxembourg is living proof of this.

As more and more people choose to work from home, the proliferation of these spaces has gained popularity among companies and their employees, as well as freelancers and other independent workers.

What exactly is coworking?

Coworking, which means “working together,” is a type of shared office space. Workstations ranging in size from less than 10 to several hundred allow everyone to work in an environment conducive to reflection, calm and concentration at any time of day.

Coworking makes life easier for millions of workers in an era where days go by quickly and the race against time never stops.

What is the interest of these spaces?

Whether it’s for an hour, half a day, a whole day, a month or even a year, coworking spaces can be used whenever you want!

Only if the coworking center offers it and you want it, you can use the facility without a membership, unless you specifically request it.

It’s up to you to look for the best deal for an office in a coworking space; prices can vary greatly. For as little as 195 euros, you can choose the Color Business Center for your work.

Is coworking an exclusive privilege reserved for some or is it accessible to all?

People from all walks of life can use coworking spaces. Renting a space doesn’t matter if you’re an employee, student, freelancer, job seeker, retiree, mother on maternity or parental leave… anyone can do it!

What can you expect to find in a coworking space?

The majority of coworking spaces also offer conference rooms for team activities, in addition to offices with all the comforts to set up.

It’s also worth mentioning the health benefits associated with “standing” desks and similar furniture, such as the provision of secure lockers for storing personal belongings.

In addition, many coworkers regularly organize events in these third places, such as exciting conferences, thematic round tables, or even aperitifs that can go on until late at night and in a good atmosphere guaranteed! !!

These spaces can be found everywhere

It’s no secret that coworking has taken off in recent years. The shared work spaces have spread throughout the country since their initial appearance in the city centers of Bertrange and Strassen.

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