How do I know if a coworking space is the right fit for me?

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to meet new people, a young start-up with a growing staff, or a large company looking for a stimulating work environment, coworking spaces can be ideal for your needs.

Because Luxembourg offers so many coworking opportunities, it’s a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, finding the perfect place to set up shop can sometimes be difficult. Don’t worry: we’ve compiled a list of eight questions to ask before making a decision on a coworking space to help you get through the process smoothly.

1. Is it a shared office, a dedicated office, or a private office I’m looking for?

The type of coworking space you’re looking for depends on your interests and budget, so you’ll need to determine that before you begin your search.

Freelancers love hot-desking because it allows them to meet new people every day and doesn’t break the bank. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to pack up your stuff at the end of the day and hot desks can be crowded for some.

You can have your own office in a shared space, while being surrounded by other creative entrepreneurs if you opt for a permanent workstation. Even if you share the office, you’ll be able to maintain your comfort level at your workstation at night.

Private offices in a coworking center can provide the solitude and collaborative space your team needs, while also providing access to the many benefits of coworking, such as shared break spaces and a shared sense of belonging.

2. Coworking : What is my ideal location?

Obviously, you don’t want to spend your morning commute on the train for hours. Think about the overall feel of the neighborhood as well as its accessibility.

3. How much money should I spend?

When deciding how much to spend on an office, keep in mind that almost all of the costs listed are VAT-free and you may have to pay a fee for facilities such as meeting rooms and WiFi.

4. How many other people will I have to share the room with?

Coworking facilities offer a wide range of options for professionals, from furniture to event space, to meet a variety of needs. To create an environment where people want to hang out, consider your company’s culture and aesthetic.

5. Is it possible to do a trial period?

Make sure a location is right for you by actually using it. A trial period may be offered by the coworking space you are considering, so don’t hesitate to ask.

6. What types of events are organized in the coworking space?

Typical coworking space events include networking lunches, a/b testing sessions and Friday happy hours. Before you move in, check the community’s social calendar to get an idea of what to expect.

7. Is there a kitchen or bathroom in the coworking space?

Even if you don’t need a lot of extras, like showers or a bike room, or 24/7 access to your coworking space, there are plenty of options to choose from (in fact, the pet-friendly concept is one of the most sought-after office services).

8. Is it possible to use my membership at different locations?

Even if you don’t usually travel, it’s good to know that many coworking communities in Luxembourg offer day passes to other locations around the country.

When looking for a coworking space, ask yourself the questions listed above. Then, take a look at the options available to you.

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