Is it normal to take a lot of phone calls in coworking space?

We get a lot of questions about whether it’s okay to use a phone in a coworking space. Yes, in a nutshell. However, there are a lot of variables to consider:

Do you like how your coworking space is organised?

Some places have phone booths, which are small, enclosed chambers used just for making and receiving calls. Talking on the phone may be restricted to a separate area in some places. Color Business Center’s open floor plan allows members to take calls in full view of their colleagues. The cafe/gallery is a favourite meeting spot for some members, while others prefer to take calls in one of our lounge sections.

Does your voice carry well in your coworking space ?

When you operate in a shared workplace, it’s important to be aware of your own behaviour. When they’re on the phone, some people’s voices are so loud they can be heard from across the room. You can be sitting right next to someone and not know it. Ask someone nearby if they can hear you if you’re not sure how loud you are. That’s a sign of your politeness and willingness to go the extra mile. For calls lasting more than ten minutes, it’s a good idea to reserve a room or use a phone booth.

Do you require a degree of secrecy?

Consider booking a private, confidential or sensitive talk in a room or phone booth. This may be stating the obvious.

Take an active role in your neighbourhood

A community is a group of people who share the same interests and goals. Coworkers are here for the same reason you are: they want to be around others. So, don’t forget about proper coworking manners. Don’t rush into a conversation; think things over carefully before you pick up the phone.

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