Rent a temporary office or a coworking office?

In the age of the Internet, new ways of working have emerged rapidly. It is now crucial, even fundamental, to re-evaluate office design. This is why temporary offices designed for telecommuting, hosting clients and holding meetings with collaborators, partners, etc. known as coworking offices have emerged. A shared office space is essentially a temporary workplace for telecommuters, temporary workers and independent contractors.

The benefits of temporary office rentals

You may need to book a meeting room, temporary office or shared workspace for an hour, half a day, a day or more. There are a number of choices to consider based on your needs.

Coworking space, shared space or open space

The popularity of shared office space, or coworking, has grown at a staggering rate in recent years. Independent workers, startup founders, freelancers, remote workers, etc. are the most common users of coworking spaces. A coworking office is a shared workplace where employees and their clients can interact freely. Skills can be easily exchanged, and networks of cooperation and collaboration can be quickly established…

The office is like an open space, with everyone having access to the same desk and everything needed to get started immediately. Relaxation areas (common kitchen, library, foosball, ping-pong table, etc.) are provided in coworking spaces to foster camaraderie and friendly interactions.

Renting a temporary office or coworking space is possible depending on your needs, whether by the hour, half-day or day. The employee can also request to use a conference room or a private office.

Benefits of renting a temporary conference room

Renting a temporary conference room in a shared workspace is a similar option to renting temporary office space. It is a great option for dealing with unexpected last-minute meetings. The number of participants can be used to determine the layout of the temporary meeting rooms. High-speed Internet connection, at least one phone line, a video conferencing system, a video projector and all the necessary tools for presentations, note taking, etc. are also available.

Temporary Office Rental

A temporary office can be rented for short periods in a coworking environment. The offices are private, furnished and equipped as needed. If you are used to working in a shared office, you may find the privacy of a private office refreshing. The fact that it can be set up to include multiple offices and, by extension, a number of workers, is especially useful for business owners.

There are also so-called “transient” offices. You can get a rental for an hour, half a day or a full day. Extremely adaptable rental terms that work for a wide range of profiles, including but not limited to remote employees, freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs and startups.

Which temporary workplace is right for you?

Choose a coworking office if you want to work in an environment that encourages teamwork, collaboration, sharing and openness. The atmosphere is perfect for bringing people together and working on projects together. That’s why it’s gaining popularity with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and even some large organizations.

You can rent a private office in a coworking space, business center or other third-party location by the hour, half-day or day, with no long-term commitment and all the amenities you need to get your work done.

Temporary offices, whether shared or private, offer a more relaxed, enjoyable, and home-like setting to work than a regular workplace. The furniture in temporary workplaces is often modular and adaptable, so workers can simply switch between sitting and standing. They also provide ergonomic tools that are both safe and comfortable to use, so workers can be as efficient as possible.

It is possible to rent a shared office, private office, temporary workspace or meeting room in Luxembourg.

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