Staying safe at work, Color Business Center measures for a safe coworking recovery

As we all know, the Covid-19 epidemic that is currently affecting Europe is gradually decreasing. Some countries are even starting to decontaminate and resume some activity. This is the case of Switzerland, Austria or Luxembourg for example. But how to go to work and exercise without putting oneself in danger and without risking contaminating others? The Color Business Center brings its advice to those who evolve in dedicated offices and/or shared work spaces.

To limit the propagation in the coworking, the barrier gestures remain essential

The first instructions to follow are to keep the barrier gestures, even in the office. You should therefore continue not to physically greet your colleagues (avoiding hugs and handshakes for example). Of course, you must wash your hands regularly with soap or hydroalcoholic gel to stop the spread of germs and prevent their proliferation. Finally, what is known as social distancing, i.e. standing at least two meters apart from each other, is strongly recommended in your office in Luxembourg.

The mask, a solution adapted to the protection of its employees

Wearing a mask is a measure that has long been debated but which seems to be more than ever an effective solution. In fact, some countries even make it mandatory to wear a mask when traveling. We therefore recommend that you wear one on public transport, but also at the office, even if you stay at your workstation. It goes without saying that each mask (or bottle of antibacterial gel, for example) belongs to its owner only. It is preferable not to lend protective products or objects to each other in order to avoid contact areas.

Clean up to prevent the virus from spreading

Regular cleaning is essential in the work area. Indeed, these contact areas must be disinfected regularly to limit any propagation. Door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, etc. must be cleaned with disinfectant wipes, bleach, hydro-alcohol gel or any alcohol-based solution. These cleanings must be done as frequently as possible, and ideally at each passage.

Slowly but surely, the recovery must be done gradually

Recovery must be implemented with care. It is not advisable to resume normal activity with all your employees present. Not everyone should return at the same time. It is a good idea to separate the offices and create offices and spaces dedicated to your employees if possible. If this is not the case, rotate your staff. Ideally, reduce the number of people outside your team: clients, external collaborators, temporary workers or subcontractors.

Little travel for little risk

Finally, limit your travel and that of your employees. Indeed, if we advise you to limit the number of people in your premises, we also advise you to limit your external interactions outside them, and consequently, to reduce your business trips. Limiting the number of people you meet will limit the number of people you meet, and therefore avoid bringing any microbes into your workspace.

The Color Business Center accompanies you in your daily life of entrepreneurs and brings you solutions to the well-being at work.

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