What are good coworking spaces for tech startups?

Tech startups need a place to work together and invent new ideas. As a startup, you may not be able to afford to invest in a permanent location for in-person and virtual meetings. A regular lease is not necessary at any of these eight best coworking spaces for IT companies, as they have everything you need.

1. SOMACentral (California)

SOMACentral’s three California locations are ideal for fostering collaboration between tech companies. The nearby streets of Menlo Park, Townsend, and Sacramento allow employees to work in a private or quiet office. That’s why SOMACentral’s founding members designed their offices to meet the needs of technology and creative teams.

2. Galvanize (USA)

Visitors to Galvanize can work on their coding skills and get away from their desks at home. These boot camps and workspaces for rent are offered by this coworking company, which has expanded nationwide. Individuals can work when and where they want with flexible subscriptions that are monthly in nature.

3. HackerLab (California)

There’s no better place to work in Sacramento for tech startups than HackerLab. While employees only use their premium offices, their private offices reduce distractions and increase efficiency.

4. TechHub (worldwide)

At TechHub’s offices around the world, users who rent coworking space are surrounded by people who share their interests and values. Because it only rents to people working in the tech industry, the company allows for direct communication between professionals, leaders and innovators.

5. TechSpace (United States)

TechSpace has offices on both coasts and in the central United States in major business centers. With public transportation and flexible rental periods, they are easy to get to and work with, respectively. To understand why this company offers some of the best coworking spaces for digital entrepreneurs, just look at their collaborative furniture.

6. Color Business Center

The Color Business Center in Bertrange, France, is a business incubator and hub for a growing number of new companies, making it the ideal location for tech startups.

7. Workhaus (Toronto)

Workhaus features a number of tech startup offices in downtown Toronto. If you’re interested in learning more about working at a company, there’s plenty of room for you and your growing business here.

8. The Hive Central (Hong Kong)

The Hive Central is a great place for startups in the financial sector. Affordable workspace is available for employees to work on projects at the Hong Kong headquarters of this coworking organization. Special initiatives like prototype designers and videography studios are also available to help entrepreneurs not outsource the launch of their products or services.

Finding coworking spaces for tech startups

Tech startups can find a place to work in one of these eight coworking spaces. Owners and employees can network, grow and learn more about their field without ever signing a long-term lease for a permanent office that lacks the unique locations and amenities these organizations do.

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