What is a good name for a Coworking space for startups?

Choosing a name for your coworking space may not seem important when you have a thousand other things to do before launch, but you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Creatives from all walks of life are flocking to coworking spaces repurposed as warehouses, factories, church halls and banks. It’s increasingly difficult to distinguish your space from the growing number of others in your area.

Your name will appear prominently in search results for coworking spaces, so it needs to be catchy, but also convey enough imagery to give the reader an idea of what your coworking space offers.

If you’re struggling to come up with a name for your coworking space, here are some suggestions and places to look for inspiration.

A business-related name

When a coworking space is referred to as an “office” or “workspace,” it indicates that the business is less innovative. This means that the workspace and its atmosphere will be heavily influenced by the organization and atmosphere of conventional corporate offices.

An ingenious thought process

If your coworking space caters to creative industries such as design, illustration, photography, filmmaking, etc., calling it a Studio, Lab or Hub indicates that it will encourage innovation and include open, well-lit workspaces rather than stuffy conference rooms.

A space with a social purpose

People-centric coworking spaces are represented by the use of words like “nest,” “hive” and “collective” in their names. A place where the well-being of the members and the social component of the business are just as essential as the work itself.

A place based on the assets you have

Choosing the history of a building as inspiration for the name of your coworking space makes perfect sense. All of these locations are popular options, but there are many other possibilities as well. It’s possible to name your coworking space after the street or neighborhood it’s on if it has a rich history.

There are many other factors that help attract new members to your coworking space, including its name. Additionally, different people will assign different meanings to the name you choose. Ultimately, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of your coworking space’s name. That said, first impressions are everything in the business world.

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