What do you think about coworking spaces?

For the past ten years, coworking has been rapidly increasing in Luxembourg. These collaborative workspaces have grown by a staggering 80% in the last two years. It’s a new way of doing business, especially if you work for yourself.

There is a significant trend, if it is true that co-working is still a small percentage of the workforce compared to traditional workplaces. One-person enterprises and freelancers are increasingly turning to shared workspaces, which offer a variety of benefits. ‘

Is there such a thing as “coworking”?

Imagine a place where entrepreneurs from all walks of life work together in an open space, in a friendly and cozy environment, stimulating, without hierarchy, and without competition; each one works for his or her own account in various sectors and for very diverse customers, while feeling at home with the others…

It is a sort of office sharing in which much of the costs are shared and there is little or no contractual obligation. Paying for a professional office space, including a fax machine, a computer, and a phone line, is unnecessary. Your needs are taken into consideration when renting a space with “all taxes included.”

Each person selects his or her own package based on schedule, needs, budget, etc. The premise is incredibly adaptable and free of commitment, whether it’s for a single day, a week, a month, or a 10-day pass.

As a means of expanding your social circle

“Flying” offices and private areas, a conference room, reception area, and a kitchen are just a few of the amenities available at a coworking space. But most importantly, it’s a forum to discuss ideas on entrepreneurship and obtain advice. You can live here, meet people, and do your job here.

Co-working spaces with a wide range of professions present in the same location also make it easy to build a professional network and even to start a business with other coworkers. In a nutshell, we’re able to interact with each other! Rethinking labor and business in a new way

The coworking space is perfect for one-person businesses…

When you don’t have a support system, you must first work by yourself if you want to be considered an independent worker or self-employed. The benefits of this status are numerous, but the isolation can be taxing, as social connections are limited to clients and other “professional” acquaintances… A lack of social interaction can have a negative impact on morale, resulting in a drop in productivity and motivation.

Workspaces are designed to fulfill the emerging demands of self-employed individuals and small organizations that are in the early stages of growth. More and more small businesses (SMEs) or one-man operations are now taking advantage of coworking spaces because they don’t need a production facility and prefer to work in a vibrant professional atmosphere.

Coworking is also becoming more popular with organizations whose staff are spread out across the country. It’s possible for an employee to work from home one day a week or one week every month in a professional setting. Using this method is a viable alternative to working from home.

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