YouTube, an indispensable media! The example of the Color Business Center, office rental in Luxembourg

It’s no surprise to anyone that social networks have revolutionized our communication in the 21st century. But in addition to changing the way we interact, they have also changed the way business centers are run. YouTube has become a crucial tool in business, especially effective for coworking and office rental businesses.

Reminders about the social network and its global influence

To understand the need for the company in business relationships, it is interesting to make a small reminder of what YouTube is. The latter is a media and video hosting platform. It is indeed considered a social network, and one of the most influential in the world!

Its strength is its international character. Indeed, YouTube is available in 76 languages in 83 countries, covering 95% of the world’s Internet population. Its omnipresence is no longer to be demonstrated with more than 1.9 billion users each month. The social network is undoubtedly the leader in video content distribution. In Luxembourg as well as all over the world, this platform is widely accessible and free of charge, which makes it extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone. From the smallest open space to the largest multinational, YouTube is an indispensable tool.

Many companies have therefore understood the stakes of being present on the American platform. Indeed, since its creation, the platform has not ceased to serve as a springboard for companies, whether to relay advertisements, to promote their company and/or their products or to interact with their customers. All sectors of activity are concerned, especially business centers and shared offices, which are the leaders of these professional changes with the companies that occupy these shared offices.

A YouTube channel, synonymous with a company in tune with the times

A presence on YouTube requires a company to have the necessary skills to film content, assemble it, edit it and offer quality content that will reflect their business. It also requires that the company actually has something to present. All these elements are implied and implicit for the Internet user but are nevertheless a form of security and a guarantee of competence.

The company is indeed capable of proposing interesting content, has the skills to make these videos. Finally, it is in adequacy with its time: it understands the stakes of being present on YouTube and knows how to address its target audience correctly, with the right communication channel.

The Color Business Center understood these issues and took the initiative in full flight by creating a YouTube channel. For the presentation of dedicated offices and coworking spaces, video is undoubtedly the best way to discover the business center (after visiting it of course).

The many advantages of the platform to communicate and share

YouTube is also a way to capture your audience. Internet users who are not customers can become customers and those who are customers will create a real community in the long term and will be involved in your business. It is a way to highlight your skills, to develop an additional channel and increase your visibility, or to reach a different target. The reasons to get on YouTube are many and varied and all meet the challenges facing a company in 2020.

The Color Business Center has effectively set up on the platform in order to share its premises, offices and coworking space with an audience. This is not only to advertise, but also to create a proximity with its protagonists of the office rental, to share the moments of work or the atmosphere that reigns in the business center.

To conclude, YouTube is now considered one of the cornerstones of a company’s development. Regardless of its sector of activity, as long as content can be presented to an audience, a company has everything to gain by using this network. As this platform continues to grow and gain ground in the professional world, digital advances are bringing about profound changes in the way we communicate, do business and understand the functioning of a business center.

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