Business center: an incredible entrepreneurial dynamism

A real incubator for entrepreneurs who have chosen Luxembourg to develop, the Color Business Center of Bertrange is now spread over 3 buildings, following the strong growth of the last years. It is the daily witness of an abundance of new economic activities, with currently more than 80 tenants centralizing their activities there.

“The diversification policy of the Luxembourg economy is really bearing fruit”, explains Elisabeth Bricout, manager of the business center. “In view of the number of small companies that contact us and establish themselves here to expand in their respective markets, we feel that the country’s attractive potential is working to the full for business start-ups…and this time, not just for finance.

Eclecticism is the order of the day: beer creator, disinfection professional, vegan cook, hardware manufacturer, hypnosis specialist, perfume distributor, designer, researchers, etc…, the diversity of sectors encountered is impressive”, she confirms. And many of these professionals are not necessarily here to sell at home. They are exporting, winning markets abroad, sometimes on other continents.

“We also welcome many start-ups and former employees who want to create their own business. Our offer allows new projects to establish themselves in a furnished office, very close to the center of Luxembourg City and right next to the highway. Generally, our tenants are looking for simplicity and want to have access to a functional office, in an inspiring atmosphere, and at an attractive price”, says Elisabeth Bricout.

“What we’re excited about is that we’re seeing our tenants start to do business with each other,” says Bricout. “The accountant is setting up new tenants, the insurance broker is issuing policies to other tenants, the tax specialist is advising neighbors, the automotive specialist is handling vehicle sales, etc. It sometimes seems like a big interconnected family with a common goal: the development of their respective businesses. We also organize joint events so that people can meet and develop their network.

“The market has changed a lot recently, towards more flexibility and autonomy. Tenants are looking for shorter lease terms, efficient services and a lot of pragmatism to deploy their business plan quickly. Coworking is a very clear trend that offers concrete workstations at lower prices than closed offices. Its “open-space” aspect favors contact between entrepreneurs”, adds Elisabeth Bricout.

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Color Business Center

Color Business Center


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