Coworking and free transport in Luxembourg: accessibility for the Color Business Center

From March 1st 2020, Luxembourg will become the first country in the world to offer free public transport, a real revolution for users who travel to work every day.

This measure will become effective on Sunday, March 1st, and has been implemented by the government of the Grand Duchy. The goal of this measure? To relieve congestion in the country and reduce traffic in Luxembourg City. Indeed, on average, six out of ten workers use their personal car to go to work; mainly Belgian and French border workers. As a result of this influx, the country’s nerve center is constantly jammed with traffic. The aim of free transport is therefore to encourage cross-border workers to use public transport to ease the traffic to the offices in Luxembourg.

This news has been warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Luxembourg who benefit from an excellent public transport network that serves the many business centers around the capital, such as Strassen or Bertrange where the Color Business Center is located. Already equipped with numerous bus stops and a train station, access to coworking spaces will no longer be a constraint. Indeed, the recently adopted measure will make it easier for the business center’s tenants to get to the office and to their dedicated workspaces without getting stuck in traffic. The positive side effect of this free travel is that start-ups will be able to choose their preferred location without having to worry about their travel costs, while benefiting from a quality network serving all coworking spaces and shared offices in the vicinity of Luxembourg.

A real revolution and a world first, Luxembourg is taking steps to meet its expectations in order to solve the transportation problem in the country. Moreover, the Grand Duchy does a great service to its companies and the business centers they occupy by facilitating the transportation of workers to their workplaces.

For the Color Business Center in Bertange, which already had 4 bus stops that served its premises as well as a railway station, this measure is a godsend that will facilitate the life of its tenants who will be able to go there easily and without any financial constraint.

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