Coworking isn’t just for startups anymore

Every once in a while, a new idea hits the market that is so revolutionary that businesses of all sizes take notice. While it may seem like a simple, straightforward concept, coworking space has a profound impact on a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Based on the ever-growing success of coworking spaces in the modern workplace, a flexible workspace is a perfect fit for today’s people-centric workforce. These spaces offer many benefits to companies looking to recruit and retain top talent, adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace and foster a strong sense of camaraderie among employees.

Boosting growth

A quick look at the enormous impact coworking spaces have had on the market should persuade one of their incredible ability to leverage human capital in the strongest of contexts.

This rapid expansion can be attributed to a variety of causes. The average worker prefers to work in an environment free from the constraints of traditional offices, where they can be as comfortable, flexible and innovative as they want.

Startups are not the only ones to benefit

While coworking spaces may initially seem like the exclusive domain of startups or small think tanks, appearances can be deceiving. These spaces are becoming increasingly popular among larger companies, which have realized that their long-term survival depends on a culture of collaboration and teamwork, both of which are facilitated by shared workstations.

Coworking spaces : The ideal location for small, creative businesses

Many startups and small businesses have always had a special place in their hearts for coworking spaces because of the same characteristics that attract large companies to these facilities. The startup community and coworking spaces share a set of principles and ideals that unite them.

For coworking spaces, what does the near future hold?

It’s hard to predict how important coworking spaces will be in the market in the future, given their rapid expansion in recent years. Based on current trends and predictions, the near future here will be great in itself. About two-thirds of existing coworking spaces will grow by an average of 70 percent over the next year.

75 percent plan to expand their staffs over the next year, which means that one-third of those expansions will include the opening of at least one new location… Most space owners plan to increase their membership and profitability in the coming years, which should firmly cement the position of coworking spaces as a vital part of the industry.

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