How should a space be designed for sharing?

Work is increasingly done in shared environments, where it is both more productive and more demanding. Well-designed shared spaces not only enhance the dynamics of the workplace, but also connect employees to their environment and to each other. In many ways, they are the heart of the modern workplace because of the interaction they create.

All design approaches are highly dependent on the use of shared areas. Spaces can be created for certain activities, but these spaces are flexible enough to be changed at any time. A range of work methods and arrangements are supported, including private calls and team meals.

Here are 5 suggestions for developing public spaces that people actually want to use.

1. Change the seating

Public spaces are more likely to be used if they have plenty of natural light and pleasant permanent or movable seating. It’s important that people can sit and watch the action unfold, but also be seen meeting friends and colleagues.

Make it easy for designers to use their laptops by choosing cushioned seating with tablet arms.

2. Choose a central location

People are more likely to use a shared space if they have to walk through it anyway.

3. Use glass

Glass walls allow more natural light to enter the office, which improves the ambiance of areas that have access to natural light.

4. Engage people on a more personal level

With a choice of seating options, a community table and USB ports built into the lobby, the facility will serve as an active social setting for users and guests of the shared offices.

5. To establish distinct zones, use acoustics

This is a key consideration when working in an environment that is essentially one large room… Ceiling tiles, suspended ceilings, softer wall and surface coverings, and vinyl floors serve to contain and channel sound.

The design reinforces the repositioning of shared spaces, making them more attractive to potential tenants.

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