How to find and rent office space in 5 steps

The search for office space in Luxembourg that matches your current business needs, budget and potential for future expansion can be done through internet listings or brokers.

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1. Consider your office needs

The first step in finding an office for your business is to determine the requirements of your company and your staff. Determine how much space you will need, how much you can spend and what type of office space you will need. When looking for office space, consider your parking needs, office layout and potential business expansion.

2. Estimate your budget

Your office space and service needs, as well as your financial limitations, should be considered when calculating your estimated office rental expenses. By multiplying the average local price per square foot by the amount of space your business requires, you can estimate your optimal budget for your new location. You should also factor in the cost of repairs and maintenance, as well as other expenses, to get a more accurate budget estimate.

3. Search and explore office space for rent in Luxembourg

Study your criteria, get background information and contact the manager to arrange a visit to the most potential office spaces. Before each visit, research the property’s security features, the age of the building’s technology and its utilities. Don’t forget to pay attention to nearby neighborhoods, parking options, and other aspects that may be of interest to staff and clients throughout your trip.

4. Organize your business finances

The financial situation of your small business influences the type of office space you can rent. Tenants who can demonstrate their reliability to potential landlords have two or three years of profit and loss statements, up-to-date credit reports and references. Having your financial records in order before you begin lease negotiations can help you move forward more quickly once you have found a space that fits your needs.

5. Choose an office space and negotiate your lease

A lease can be negotiated if you have chosen a location that is ideal for you in terms of price and amenities. But if you want to save money and don’t want to use a broker, be sure to read the terms and conditions regarding rent increases and subletting carefully before signing your lease.

It is essential to identify your business requirements and budget before signing a lease. We have outlined a simple 5-step approach to help you navigate the leasing process.

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